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The Dream of Shadowlands

The Dream of Shadowlands is an indie horror game project that officially began development in February, 2019. Since its inception, the project has primarily been developed by creator Catalina Zavaleta. Designed as a passion project combining retro 90s anime and RPGMaker horror games, The Dream of Shadowlands aims to tell a compelling story across 5 short installments.

Beginning as a humble first game attempt by Catalina Zavaleta, The Dream of Shadowlands continuously evolves into a project that closer realizes its original vision. With visuals originally only featuring traditional, hand-drawn lineart, the process has since been changed to also feature traditional color as well; animation cel ink and paint, alcohol markers, and watercolor pencils are utilized to further replicate an authentic retro anime style. An original soundtrack initially composed by Catalina Zavaleta has been elevated by the contributions of current lead composer, Percevalko. With the programming and game feel of the first episode serving as a jumping-off point, the experience is regularly improved through player feedback and suggestions. Each episode aims to noticeably improve upon the previous installment.

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When someone is truly hated, they may find themselves forced out of the safety of the light and into the unforgiving dark. Rina wakes up lost and confused in a mysterious new world, learning she has been cursed. Reluctantly teaming up with a plain-spoken demon named Jyl, they adventure through a myriad of twisted dreamscapes in search of a goddess with the ability to send Rina home. Stumbling upon a cult's plot and facing off with fearsome monsters, the Shadowlands prove to be a treacherous place.

The Dream of Shadowlands is heavily story and character driven, with an emphasis on psychological horror, interpersonal relationships, and in later episodes, philosophical issues. It mixes action-RPG gameplay with visual novel storytelling to create an engaging and interactive narrative. The story discusses a variety of mature topics, and is therefore recommended for mature audiences only.


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